Our family has a long tradition of living in harmony with the land. Our farm is close to 100 acres and we’ve always been blessed with hunting, fishing, farming, pets, and walks along the river. Discovering an all natural way to protect our pets, our food and our family members with cedarsBest cedar oil is a gift we enjoy and enjoy sharing. Whether you just want to keep harmful insects away from your family pet or you’re planning a camping trip near mosquitoes with your family, we’ve got a product you’ll love. I learned discipline and discernment in my career in the U.S. Air Force so when cedarsBest studies a new oil to offer to our family and yours, we depend on both the wisdom of the ancients and the science of the modern world to deliver only the finest cedar oils available. You’ll find us at http://www.cedarsbest.com. You can email me at cedarpro@cedarsbest.com and if you need to order your cedar oils for a more immediate purpose, feel free and call us directly at 937-902-6932. We look forward to hearing your stories of insect battle victories and cedar oil aromatherapy when you write us here.


Wishing you only the best,

David M. Flook, CEO & CedarPro



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